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Lake Tarawera is a small community just 20 minutes from the busy town of Rotorua. The area has been hosting visitors for hundreds of years, since the first tourists travelled to visit the Pink and White Terraces, thought to be the 8th Wonder of the world. Tarawera is steeped in history and cultural significance. The eruption of Mount Tarawera in 1886 devastated the area, killing more than 150 people, burying the villages and destroying all plant life. Today, the area is known not only for this history, but also for the incredible natural environment created by the eruption. Discover lakeside hiking trails through regenerating native bush, hike to the 65-metre high Tarawera Falls, and relax in natural lakeside hot pools. Take a swim in the pristine waters of the lake, a consistent 22 degrees throughout the summer months. Take a trip on the water taxi or a kayak. Come and experience the stunning landscapes of Tarawera and uncover the stories of this special place. We have great knowledge of the local area and we're happy to recommend activities to suit our guests. When you make a booking at one of our holiday homes you also have an opportunity to book excursions and food packages if you wish. Our pleasure is your enjoyment, we want you to have a wonderful time. Angie and Dave Mackay.

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